Last Stop for Treatment Success!

Many experience success at Pacific Hills where other treatment programs have failed! Here’s what to expect:

  • You will be greeted by an experienced intake counselor.
  • Once you enter the program, we will help you arrange for transportation
  • A program that best fits your needs will be arranged.
  • If an intervention is required, whole process will be handled for you.
  • Intake assessment performed upon arrival.
  • A session will be set up with medical staff to conduct initial history and physical.
  • A counselor will be assigned based on best fit.
  • Detoxification and medication if required.
  • During the treatment process, schedules will include: group therapy, private counseling, psychological assessment, nutrition therapy, exercise (optional), family therapy, and beach time.
  • Family counseling either in person or phone consult if necessary.
  • Primary program is 28 days but can be adjusted.
  • Return home sober and remain a lifetime alumnus of Pacific Hills!

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of treatment available to adults suffering from alcohol and drug dependency in an effort to help addicts and their families begin the process of recovery. We are committed to serving those with Co-Occurring disorders, while emphasizing a strong spiritual foundation, true to the original concept of the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Upon arriving at Pacific Hills Treatment Center, I had nothing but a suitcase of clothes and a bad attitude. After adjusting a few days, I began to feel welcome. The staff was friendly and understanding and I could relate to the patients on a personal level. The apartment like rooms were very cozy and the five-star chef was amazing! From tacos to king crab and prime rib, the food was great! Combined with the beautiful weather of Southern California and the ocean views, it was almost like a mini-vacation. Their experienced counselors and therapists taught daily lessons that gave me the knowledge and eye opening rationalization of my disease. Pacific Hills has provided me with the comfort and structure I so desperately needed. Everyday got better, and by the time I left I felt like a new man! They taught me to see life for what it is; beautiful and worth living. They’ve also taught me to be the person I’ve always wanted to be and have helped me to discover who I am today. Thanks Pacific Hills! I owe my life to you!

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